Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Web Hosting Solution – Free or Paid???

Hi All,

It is quite difficult to judge which one is better choice to host your website. If you are planning to start a business and you want to have one website that shows all products and service you offered then you must need some web hosting server space to host your website and big confusion come across you when you heard about Free Hosting. You will think if I get a free web hosting space then why should I pay to host my website?

This article will help you in judge what is good and what is better for your business. Your decision will make your business to the top or down to the earth. This is most important point to discuss because you will get more customers through your website and also get good business exposure.

If you are planning to start your business and if you did some search in search engine then you find everything free starting from free domain name, free web hosting space, free bandwidth, free email address, free ftp accounts, etc. One question will arise in your mind that if I get free hosting then why should I pay?

If you search through any search engine you will find hundred plus free web hosting and free domain Provider Company. You must ask your self some simple questions
Why they provide free hosting service and why other charge from same service?
How they will make money to run their business?
What is the reason for providing free hosting space?

Ask these types of question to your self and try to find out the answer. This is the simple rule “If you want to buy, you have to pay the price”, nothing will come free. Most of free web hosting companies make their way to earn from you. Some free web hosting companies will charge too much for extra bandwidth usage, they do not mention this cost.

Some free web hosting companies place their company banner on your website or popup windows will open when some try to access your website. By this way they advertise their product and service. That’s why they provide free hosting service.

Now paid web hosting provide will charge you for using their service and they are responsible for their service. With paid hosting service you can select the best suitable plan for your website and you have your own website identity, no advertising, no banner adds, no popup. Also you will get service you paid for.

Paid web hosting companies have clearly mentioned all features that will be available with the price. Also they clearly mentioned extra usage charges of bandwidth and web space. With paid hosting you can expect better service and better support. They will monitor performance of web server 24 hours and if server was down they will take quick steps to resolve errors. So, they are responsible for smooth running of your website.

Web hosting is quite competitive market and if you search around then you will find cheap web hosting service. Its not mean that cheap web hosting provider always provide cheap service. Here I am going to give your one reference website that provide Linux Web Hosting service at affordable rate with excellent connectivity and customer support. If you are looking for India based web hosting company then click on this link : Web Hosting India

Web Hosting Directory is also good place to find Web Hosting Provider

Friday, May 18, 2007

Linux Hosting – Cheap, Affordable and Secure way to host your website

Once your website is ready you need to search for a hosting company and if you have developed your website using PHP then you need Linux Hosting Server to host your web pages. You have a small business website then you don’t need to spend too much on your hosting disk space and bandwidth. But you are running a big ecommerce website, movies and music website then you need large disk space and good bandwidth.

Linux is an open source so web hosting companies don’t need to use licensed software to start hosting service. That’s the main reason Linux hosting is cheap compare to windows hosting. Also Linux is an open source so you can customize your need and it provide secure connection compare to windows hosting. Linux hosting comes up with different variation in plans like Dedicated, Virtual, Managed, Unmanaged and Shared. For a small business web site shared hosting is better choice because maintaining a dedicated server cost you much. But dedicated server is good choice for e-commerce website because they have large database of their products, user login information, shopping cart etc. Dedicated hosting partitioned in Managed and Unmanaged hosting, in manage hosting your server housed in to your hosting company they are responsible for smoothing running of your website but in unmanaged hosting you have to monitor your server and you are only responsible for the performance of your server.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Which is best suitable web hosting plan for me?


Now i think your idea about web hosting is clear. We will now going into some deep discussion. Once you got idea about what type of website you wanna develop and once site is ready one more difficult step come ahead. Choosing a web hosting plan and web hosting company again is very difficult for new web surfers. Web hosting market is very vast and thousands of web hosting companies offer different service at different cost. So, its quite difficult to pickup good from the sea. Your website performance totally reflect the service of your hosting provider. So, you need to do deep study about web hosting company.

Daily many web hosting companies start and number of shut down their service due to lack of performance. I want to give some tips that may be helpful to you in finding hosting companies. Visit provider company website and if site is well designed and well organized then you can start believing in company but thats not all. Once you satisfy with website you need to check their year of establish because if they are new provider then people dont know about company and you cant get enough reviews and ratings. If provider is old and in business since at least 3 years then you need to search for company reviews and ratings, also you can ask your friends about company reputation in market this is the best to judge any company reputation.

From couple of months i was also digging around search engines to find good, cheap and reliable linux hosting company and i found one good website. Their plan and pricing are in very competitive rates.

Linux Hosting - 500 MB Web Space, 1 Domain Free, 50 GB Bandwidth, 50 Email address and more.

I think this is the best plan available. Godaddy is also very cheap but never experienced their service. There many thousands of web hosting companies are available but we have to beware of some black listed hosting companies.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What should be the price for hosting?

Price of web hosting varies from one to another hosting company. Only in United State you can find thousands of web hosting companies offer different web hosting plan with price variation. Price may be start from as low as $5 per month to $500 per month depends on the type of web hosting. There are many variations in plan also like, virtual hosting, dedicated hosting, linux hosting, windows hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, etc. So, the price of package depends on the service you selected to host your website. In a market you will find many cheap hosting company but keep in mind, cheap is always cheap, because they provide web hosting service at low cost so their server will be of low configuration, internet speed is also not steady, they cant afford T type internet lines. So, if you choose any cheap web hosting company then you probably need to know about their server configuration, their internet connection, how many websites they host on a server. These all things make difference on the performance of your website and as well in your business.

Now let discuss around our main point. If you dont have idea about what type of web hosting plan is better for you then you need to ask your friends or family members if they have any idea about web hosting plans. Otherwise ask some simple question to your self and you will definitely get good answer, like

What I want to with my websites? If you have website ready and digging around web to host it somewhere then you must ask your self about your website. If you created a website simple for an identity of your company and small sites with some information about company than you can go for cheap web hosting company. If you have a business and want high traffic from search engine you probably need reliable hosting company because your most traffic come through your website and if your website performance effect due to high bandwidth usage than you probably towards loss. So, if you run a big e-commerce website than its better to own a server. That is called dedicated hosting in which web hosting company provide good server space, highly configured server, good bandwidth and excellent connectivity to internet so your website visitor can access your website anytime without any interruption. The price of a dedicated hosting is big.
If you have small dynamic website developed using PHP than you need to host your website on Linux based platform. If site developed using ASP, .NET or any other Microsoft Application than you need Windows server. The price of linux hosting is little less compare to windows sever as windows server need licensed version. There are many variation in linux and windows hosting like dedicated, virtual, shared, etc.

I think this discussion will help in some manner but if you still have any confusion please post a comment and i will explain in detail.

Stella Pike.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Web Hosting Introduction

Hi Friends,

This blog was specially created for the websurfers looking for a web hosting companies or dont have any idea about what is web hosting and where to host a ready website.

Now without wasting your time i come to the main points

What is Web Hosting and why I need web hosting?

Simply saying Web Hosting is a kind of service that provide some space to host a website. Web hosting companies offer you to host your personal website by providing you some space on their highly configured server. Once you have your website ready you need to host your website somewhere so people can access your website via World Wide Web (WWW). Web hosting companies own a server that have high configuration and also provide internet connectivity generally web hosting comapnies have t1, t2 or t3 internet lines that provide flawless connectivity and make your website available 24 x 7 x 365 days. Web hosting companies provide you some space to host your personal web pages and someone from type your company name in browser address then browser send request to the web hosting comapny where your site hosted and fetch data for the requested page and result will display on browser.

I am sure if you are new to web hosting then you also confused about how to put pages or files on web hosting provider's server. It is so simply, to upload your webpages, files or images you can use SmartFTP. Search in Google for SmartFTP and download it. Once you host your website on server your hosting company provide you IP address and login details and by inserting all information you can upload or download your website. Select files or folder from your local browser and then click on Upload to upload on server and you have done.

Stella Pike.